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    Any particular reason to load up with the 115K bonus? We do like CX but can't see a ton of other uses for these miles. I heard something about possible Etihad Award travel but I guess I'd have to see where they go. We like Dubai but aren't choked up about Abu Dhabi.
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    If one had a particular plan for immediate use of the miles, the cost of just under $0.017/mile is probably as inexpensive as it will ever be. Buying them without a need/desire for booking soon adds the risk of a possible further devaluation. The more cynical among us would say, "...the risk of a certain devaluation." They may be right, but if anyone here really knew, they wouldn't be permitted to say.

    $4,425 is a significant investment to make if one simply planned to use them here and there, even if no devaluation occurs. AA is hard to predict concerning award availability. I was recently looking at the possibility of flying MDE-CDG later this year with quite flexible dates, for example. Every search beyond two weeks out showed no availability. It appears that my EXP status does nothing to add availability on awards, or at least not on that desired routing.

    As a point of comparison, and this is not an endorsement of UA by any means, I had plenty of availability going UA and *A combined on just about any dates I checked. I have no status on UA.

    I have been sucked in by Lifemiles promotions a few times where they promote 2x1 buy offers. That plus my CC spend have resulted in a healthy balance of miles in that account. I used some to get tickets for my daughter and her boyfriend to visit me in MDE this summer but found nothing available going MDE-CDG. I clearly bought too many.

    IMHO, buying miles for anything other than to cover a shortfall for a given planned trip is usually not a good investment.
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    Don't buy unless you are also ready to redeem.
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