AAA waives Visa/Amex GC fees for holidays

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    Saw this on FT, did some research/digging on my own as well:

    AAA is waiving the $4.95 fee for gift cards in SOME areas. The gift cards need to be purchased in store and the store has to part of a AAA region that is participating. This is YMMV, depending on your AAA region. Some don't sell GCs at all, some aren't waiving fees, some sell visa while others sell Amex.

    Data point: AAA East Central (my region) does not sell GCs, or so says my local store.

    Data point: Seems like this is available in AAA Mid-Atlantic offices (Delaware, Maryland, DC, parts of VA, PA, NJ). Called to confirm with one in store in Clifton Heights, PA, woman who answered the phone confirmed they do sell visa GCs and they are waiving the fee currently.

    I will be heading down that way later this month, will stop in and purchase and report back. But reports on FT and the confirmation on the phone supports that Mid Atlantic is participating.

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