AA12: The SAN-JFK 777-300ER Experience

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    I've got my blog post on this started here and I'm adding posts as I have time to write them and edit the pics, but thought I'd bring in a few comments for discussion here as well.

    First: This plane is QUIET. The GE90 engines really do make a difference, and the hydraulics are inaudible for the most part.

    Second: This plane is well appointed. It's on-par with what I'd expect from a 4-star airline in southeast Asia or the Middle East.

    Third: This plane is HUGE. Not A380 huge, but long and with lots of space.

    Fourth: We rejected landing at JFK due to a possible runway incursion and got to do a go-around. That was an interesting end to this special flight.

    Fifth: The crew-rest escape hatch is neat. :)

    Who else here was on the plane? I'll post some pics here that don't fit on the blog.
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    Looking forward to the pics!

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