AA Will Launch A321s on JFK-LAX Route Starting 1/7/14

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    Roll out will be gradual, so the route will see a mix of A321 and existing B762 service for a time.

    A reminder - the A321 will feature 10 F, 20 J, 36 MCE and 36 Y seats.

    First flights to feature the A321 will be...

    JFK-LAX: AA133 and AA181

    LAX-JFK: AA118 and AA10.

    Reservations open tomorrow.

    For more detailed roll out, click the link. ;)
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    Argh. Flying to lax in December and was hoping for a new bird (having not focused on roll out dates in prior announcements).

    A few last flights on the old birds. :)
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    Wow, they're loaded in as 3-day L fares as the cheapest fare, so far as I can tell. I've checked several days out from the 7th. Significantly more expensive than other flights.
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    Just checked a February LAX-JFK red eye that I have and it's on AA10 which now shows an A321. Good news vis a vis the new plane. However, at the moment while the flight is empty save for me (!), I'm booked in coach as part of an international ticket where all other segments have been confirmed upgraded to C. ExpertFlyer shows upgrade fare class for First as "A=0", but no C category at all (for all the A321 flights). Oh well, at least I know I'm #1 on the upgrade list for C if that category ever shows up.
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    Updated post based on 22SEP13 schedule update can be found here

    11th daily from 01APR14 (AA171/172)
    762 service ends on 07MAY14
    12th daily from 02JUN14 (AA255/256)
    13th daily from 11JUN14 (AA293/292)

    JFK LAX will gradually move to hourly shuttle schedule by 08MAY14. (Below is July 2014 sked)

    AA171 JFK0600 - 0855LAX 32B x6
    AA009 JFK0700 - 1005LAX 32B D
    AA033 JFK0800 - 1055LAX 32B D
    AA001 JFK0900 - 1155LAX 32B D
    AA255 JFK1000 - 1300LAX 32B D
    AA019 JFK1100 - 1350LAX 32B x6
    AA003 JFK1230 - 1520LAX 32B D
    AA117 JFK1455 - 1815LAX 32B D
    AA133 JFK1630 - 1945LAX 32B D
    AA181 JFK1730 - 2035LAX 32B D
    AA021 JFK1830 - 2145LAX 32B D
    AA293 JFK1930 - 2245LAX 32B D
    AA185 JFK2050 - 0010+1LAX 32B D

    AA292 LAX0600 - 1420JFK 32B D
    AA118 LAX0700 - 1535JFK 32B D
    AA034 LAX0800 - 1635JFK 32B D
    AA002 LAX0900 - 1740JFK 32B D
    AA172 LAX1000 - 1840JFK 32B x6
    AA012 LAX1100 - 1950JFK 32B D
    AA004 LAX1200 - 2045JFK 32B D
    AA256 LAX1300 - 2145JFK 32B D
    AA032 LAX1400 - 2240JFK 32B D
    AA022 LAX1500 - 2330JFK 32B x6
    AA180 LAX1630 - 0055+1JFK 32B D
    AA010 LAX2140 - 0605+1JFK 32B D
    AA030 LAX2330 - 0800+1JFK 32B D

    AA179/020 762 service ends on 31MAR14
    AA085/024 763 service ends on 10JUN14
    5th daily from 11JUN14 (AA163/164)

    AA059 JFK0800 - 1115SFO 32B D
    AA179 JFK1030 - 1340SFO 32B D
    AA085 JFK1530 - 1855SFO 32B D
    AA177 JFK1800 - 2130SFO 32B D
    AA163 JFK1940 - 2305SFO 32B D

    AA024 SFO0700 - 1530JFK 32B D
    AA164 SFO0900 - 1740JFK 32B D
    AA016 SFO1240 - 2125JFK 32B D
    AA020 SFO1500 - 2330JFK 32B D
    AA018 SFO2230 - 0655+1JFK 32B D
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    Anyone seeing any saver F availability on these flights after New Years? Was trying to find some exSFO in the first half of the year and coming up dry.

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