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    Hi there - I have a new guy question regarding BA or AA

    I am platinum on AA and my travels this year will mainly include mostly trips to LHR and on to eastern Europe. BA just began flying direct to LHR from AUS. My question is - is it better to book through BA (with no status) or continue to book through AA or does it really matter? My company doesn't pay for business class, so any upgrades would come by way of points or pay.

    I am very new to the FF world - but would hate to look back in a year and say - dang, I should have...

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    Welcome to MP.

    In general, fly which ever of the two carriers you prefer.

    The one item to be mindful of is to double check that there are no fare class haircuts for earning on AA off of low-fare BA tickets, if you're on a low-fare ticket. I don't recall definitively if there is an earnings haircut on low-price BA economy fares...but suspect there may be. If this were the case, and max miles accrual was your objective...then you'd need to fly AA.

    Your AA Platinum status will get you a moderate level of status on BA - "sapphire". The most notable benefits will include business class check-in (even on economy tickets) and lounge access on international (including intra-Europe) journeys. (You'll get the same business check-in and lounge access benefits on either carrier.)
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    No brainer here stick with AA.
    1) If you are planning to upgrade with any sort instrument you have a greater number of options with AA and can upgrade from just about any fare.
    2) BA's does not automatically rebook you in case of a flight change/cancellation ( you are told to call in to make the change and then you find cannot get through by phone often some call centers may be closed) Texas weather can be a bit brutal at times.
    3) If flying on to Eastern Europe you can often avoid the hell-hole of LHR by flying AA.
    4) BA's handling of lost baggage is abysmal.
    5) Flying through DFW you can get an AA 77W which is a nicer experience than BA when you do upgrade to C.
    6) AA miles are more valuable than BA miles especially if you plan to use them for International awards.
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    You will also have access to MCE on the AA 773 for the times you don't upgrade.
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    Not sure I completely agree with the NEWBLUESEA list - I guess that's their experience. Not THE experience.

    LHR T5 is generally a good place to connect and you have plenty of choice to eastern europe.

    My experience (the other way round) is the best way is to have the same ticket stock as the flight code as the metal as the FFP. Obviously its fine to make exceptions to this (and I do) and OW generally makes it OK particularly for BA/AA , but its far easier to make changes, get OP-OPs, get mileage credits, get mileage bonuses etc if its all the same. Likewise Avios are great value in the US for domestic flights.

    Having said all that - you are already Sapphire. That gives you the same benefits largely. Others will tell you how easy it is to use mileage for upgrades. And you do get those handy certificates for upgrades too don't you?

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