AA Upgrades for US Chairmans Preferred on AA Flights

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    I am trying to understand the why I am not getting my so called upgrades on AA coming from US Airways as a Chairman's preferred.

    Today happen to me twice, I try getting on the upgrade list for my AA flight and I was told the system is not allowing us to put you on our upgrade list!

    On Both flights there were plenty of open seats on the 1st class cabin and I was not able to get it,

    What am I missing here? Is this some type if False advertisement being promoted to loyal US Air preferred top tier group?
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    First, you can upgrade at check-in only when traveling on American. American cannot add you to the upgrade (airport) waitlist.

    Second, they will only give you the upgrade if they would have offered it for sale to someone else. Just because there are first class seats left does not - with American - mean those seats are available for upgrade. In fact, you may see seats for sale with elites still on the upgrade list.

    This is a big difference between American and US Airways.

    On US Airways when there are first class seats still available at checkin those can be upgraded into or purchased by a non-elite. American holds back first class seats until the gate, for sale, for displaced first class passengers, and then for upgrades. I've had plenty of flights with 6 first class seats still available where as a 100,000 mile flyer (Executive Platinum) I only get the upgrade at the gate.

    So just because you see first class seats doesn't mean there's any upgrade seats.

    And for the current stage of reciprocal upgrades, US elites only get upgraded on AA after all AA elites have been accommodated (or are expected to be accommodated) and where AA would otherwise offer a first class seat for sale to a non-elite.
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    Per the US website: Upgrades are first come, first served. If an upgrade is available, you'll see the option to add it when you check in with American Airlines – on aa.com, at the kiosk or with an agent at the airport or Admirals Club. For the best chance of being upgraded, we recommend that you're the only passenger in your reservation.

    You need to book the ticket with your US number and then check in on AA.com. It doesn't work on a mobile device.
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    Processed mine as US CP at an admirals club last night. Note, needed to split the record as my g/f was traveling with me and had no status, and upgrade would not process. Once split mine was "complimentary" and hers was the LBFU price. Flight was MIA-RDU.
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    The reps in the admirals club are more likely to help you out with an upgrade then a gate agent or a phone rep.

    The agents on the phone tell you that first class is full when in fact it isn't even close, and the gate agents don't care about us-air elites.
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    In most instances, the AAngels in the club have been sufficiently neutered that unless they pick up the phone to call a gate agent, you're unlikely to get much help there. That's why I try to make friends with lots of AAngels. Used to be more helpful before they closed the club at my home airport, IAD.

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