AA to get new 787-9s for GRU and MAD

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    As seen on Facebook EXP group and reposted here. The "my" and "I" references below are this of the OP and not me.

    787-9 Dreamliner is first aircraft to feature Premium Economy

    Today, American is announcing that beginning November 4th, the the new 78-9, featuring a premium economy (PEY) cabin and service along with the new business class seat will begin flying between DFW and GRU and DFW and MAD.

    The 787-9 will feature:

    - 30 new B/E Aerospace Business Class seat (replacing the current 'Concept D' seat that is on the 787-8 and retrofitted 777-200s) in a 1-2-1 configuration

    - 21 Premium Economy seats in a 2-3-2 configuration, in a dedicated cabin, with new onboard economy amenities and enhanced meals. Note, we have confirmation that only the 1st row of PEY will feature a leg rest. the other rows will offer only a foot rest. Think CX.

    - 27 MCE seats in a 3-3-3 configuration

    More information on the new PEY product is at:


    Booking PEY and Upgrades:

    - The 787-9 should be bookable starting this Sunday, July 10th.

    - Initially, from Nov 4th through early 2017 (yeah, we don't have the date), PEY will be sold as regular economy, with Elite members will having access to PEY seats as they do now with MCE seats. So, if you are EP, you can book any Y fare and select a PEY seat. If you are Gold, you will have access to the PEY seats with a fee or free within 24 hours of departure.

    - In early 2017, PEY will "go on sale" as its own bookable cabin and class of service. No specific date given but AA will announce this in advance.

    - A future announcement will be made regarding...

    1. How SWUs/Mileage upgrades will be handled with the PEY Product
    2. New Advantage award levels for PEY
    3. PEY EQMs

    So, what do you have to do....

    1. If you are planning traveling DFW to MAD or GRU on the 787-9 on/after 11/4, book and reserve a PEY seat. But, if your travel is in 2017, stay alert for further announcements on when PEY is bookable as its own cabin as you will probably have to re-select seats.

    2. If you have already booked these routes in First Class, you will probably find that on Sunday your PNR shows a schedule change as there is no more First class. You will have to go through the re-accomodation process. Hopefully this is a very small number as AA zero'd out F on these routes a few weeks ago.

    3. If you have booked J or Y, you will need to go in and select new seats.

    My (guess) opinion..and my (guess) opinion only.....

    I fully expect that SWUs/miles will, at some point, move to a Y to PEY to J model. I am guessing that before this is introduced, AA wants more PEY equipped aircraft in-house. And even then, I think we will see aircraft and routes fenced off. So, 2017 and 2018 are going be very transitional years for upgrades. You just have to stay alert as to changing aircraft and classes of service.

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