AA Rebooking Mistake (Positive)

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    TL;DR— Because of IRROPS and multiple rebookings, AA mistakenly booked me into J which then I used a SWU to confirm into F. Due to AA’s error, I was awarded 12,000 bonus miles from the AA Currency Bonus promo. Mistakenly asked for ORC, which wiped out the promo bonus, but I called back and they re-added the promo bonus. Conscious is clear since the flight went out with 1 first class seat empty.

    Last weekend I was the victim of some weather related IRROPS at JFK. My return was JFK-LAX-SFO scheduled on Feb 9. I took Amtrak down to DC for the weekend to see a friend. Anyway, I received an e-mail on Feb 8 that my flight had been cancelled. I quickly called up the EXP line and was rebooked on the last flight out of JFK-LAX on Feb 9, which would connect to LAX-SFO on Feb 10. I originally booked in economy, and the rep mentioned that I probably wouldn't clear with the electronic upgrades, so I used a SWU to upgrade into J. I went to sleep that night thinking I would need to stay at a friends in LAX for the night, which is fine since its closer to home.

    On the train back to NY, I received an e-mail notification that my flight that night was cancelled. So I called the EXP line and waited on hold for 20 minutes. The agent noted that she would secure me in business, and the only flight which had that would be the 7:55p on Feb 10 (direct to SFO). Obviously, I didn't correct the agent that I had actually booked economy. Since I was secured in business, I didn't dare tempt fate with the agent to try and use a SWU to get into first. I hung up and tweeted the AAdvantage support and asked them to add the SWU to my reservation, which they obliged and confirmed me in first. About 5 minutes later they sent another tweet apologizing that they didn't realize I had originally booked economy and they could only upgrade me 1 cabin; they said they were going to secure a business class seat for me.

    Throughout the train ride I checked my AA app and I saw was still confirmed with a first class seat. I ended up staying at The Muse Hotel (Kimpton Times Square), which was a great stay minus a moderate security issue (couldn't see through the peep hole and the bell staff who brought up my slippers didn't have a name tag on or a uniform. The manager on duty didn't seem like these were big issues). Before I went to bed, I checked the AA app and I was STILL confirmed in a first class seat.

    The next morning I roamed around NYC and went shopping. I headed to JFK around 4:00p, to leave enough time for the NY traffic. When I arrived, I stopped off at the Flagship Check-In area. There was my name on their list, and I was let in. I spent a few minutes in the oasis of tranquility to repack my bag. With Pre Check I breezed right through security, while the lady behind me, not a Pre Check regular, continually asked at the top of her lungs if she had to take this off keep that in the bag take that out the bag....

    I made my way to the Flagship Lounge, which I was granted access to without problem. After a couple hours of eating and relaxing, I made my way to the gate. The entire time I was in the lounge and walking to the gate, I was sweating that I would be called out of line and given an economy ticket (J was booked full). I scanned my BP and was welcomed on board. I plopped down into 4F and began getting situated for the flight. I kept my eye out for the gate agent, on the off chance they needed to page a passenger. The door closed and I was home free.

    The story doesn't end there though. The next day when the activity posts, I notice there was an extra 12,000 points added to my account from an AA Currency Bonus. Without researching it or thinking clearly, I called AA to request ORC since I was originally routed through LAX, which would give me an extra ~370 miles. They obliged and I hung up. I checked my account and decided to research the AA Currency Bonus (https://www.aa.com/i18n/urls/aadvantage-currency.jsp). At that moment, I came to me senses and realized I had made a terrible mistake. Since the agent had rebooked me into J, I was eligible for the promo and had been awarded the 12,000 miles. I called AA back to have them reverse the ORC request and after some literally huffing and puffing from the agent I got the bonus posted again. I had my fingers crossed the entire time that they didn’t research the reservation too much to see I was supposed to be booked in J.

    It all ended up for the best for me and my conscious is clear since the flight went out with 1 first class seat empty. :rolleyes:

    Would you have made AA aware of their rebooking mistake?

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    I probably would have quietly accepted J and never spoken of it again, but then again I don't have the SWUs in my back pocket as I am PLT. Still, well done! The nice thing about major irrops is it seems the agents are so busy putting out fires they don't have the time or energy to dig into every reservation. Works for me! :D
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