AA oversold situation.... any ideas..?

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    Ok... so when I purchased the original itin that Im currently in the middle of flying, I could get assigned seats on all flights except for one. When I asked an AA telephone agent, it was explained to me that this was because AA would be changing the aircraft, so all seats were blocked. I didnt give it more thought as the agent told me that on the day I checked in for the first flight I would get an assigned seat.

    So today is that day.... Im flying MFE-DFW then DFW to Kansas City... and then Kansas City to ORD. Its this last flight that I still dont have an assigned seat for. The MFE agent tells me that its not because of a plane change, rather that this flight is oversold and that they will try to buy people off this flight.

    I explain to the MFE agent that I cant afford not to land in ORD this evening.... and ask if under this oversold situation I cant get a no-fee rerouting. She answers that she cant do it as its not the MFE stations responsibility... and that I should wait until I get to Kansas City and speak to an agent there.... I quote "this is a Kansas City problem, they need to ensure they get you to ORD".

    Now.... I dont want to roll the dice... so then, do I have a point about wanting someone at DFW to change my routing and not charge me fees....?

    Please advise.......

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    You can ask, but until they actually have more people at the gate than they have seats on the plane they don't have to give you a re-route.
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    I was on the flip side of this problem last week - Delta website notified me that they were looking for volunteers to reschedule on ATL-DUB while I was checking in online. I asked about this on my departure from AUS and they said they couldn't do anything until I reached ATL. I could have actually rerouted on a flight through Boston from this point. Sure enough, they couldn't find enough people to buy off in ATL because the next available departure was the next day.

    I'm not exactly sure what causes each individual case, but it seems like some simple communication between airports could solve a lot of these problems. Allow people to reroute before they reach the bottleneck, and you probably would not even have to buy them off if you could offer a better routing.
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    If you are an exec platinum with AA I think you should have no problem if you contact them by phone. If you are not, you will probably have to roll the dice or re-book and eat the cost.
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    That would just make WAY too much sense.
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