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Do other First class travellers on AA agree?

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  1. In general US based airlines provide the least in First Class. Even within the One world alliance, AA provides less amentities in First Class than BA, QF, CX. No pajamas in long haul night flights, no mattress, only a duvet and in general meals of poorer quality. Also unlike Qantas, for example, flight attendants for international First class are chosen on the basis of seniority rather than service excellence.
    I wonder why AA does so poorly in International First class service amenities? I always ask the purser but they are usually evasive but one said " because other airlines are subsidised by their government and AA is not" which I think is not true for BA, Qantas or cathay pacific.
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    Don't they generally provide the least in economy too?! Especially because of no free alcohol!
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    OP doesn't make it clear if he is comparing US airlines' domestic or international F with BA, QF, CX etc.

    If he's comparing AA/UA doemstic F, he should really be comparing against these carriers' short haul J product - ie Y seats with slightly increased pitch and enhanced catering.

    If he's comparing international F then I agree that US based airlines' international F product is not the best in the world. However, I don't agree that they provide the least. At least on AA you get a suite giving privacy whereas, for example, LH still has a 2-2 configuration in F. Admittedly the LH lounges are way better as is the food on board but it's horses for courses. Don't forget as well that the majority of pax in US airlines' F cabins are upgraded J whereas I suspect most pax in other airlines' F have paid to be there.

    Obviously this raises the question would more people pay for F on AA/UA etc if the product were better.

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