AA Gets All My QF Miles Now - Tired of Getting Screwed

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    Qantas points are virtually worthless.

    Try to book an economy class ticket from Chicago to Sydney (one way) in February of 2015. QF website offers me only three choices during the whole month (classic awards). NO business class seats (although they proffer a business class choice, when you look at the reservation you DON'T get business class on the long haul DFW/SYD but only economy - a bait and switch if I ever saw one!).

    Qantas classic award - 67,000 points ONE WAY + $422!

    AA offers up several choices per day, their "classic award" - 37,500 points + $34 aa redemption.png !

    As most of my QF flying is H class or equivalent, I get the same miles/points from AA with a redemption system that offers essentially TRIPLE the value of the QF offer.

    It's no wonder Qantas hasn't found anyone willing to purchase the Frequent Flyer business (as other airlines have flogged off). There's little value in it, and passengers are starting to see it.
  2. MX

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    Good idea. BA avios can also come handy on certain routes.
    In general though, you should not feel safe about any frequent flyer scheme.
  3. Jimgotkp
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    I agree that QF miles aren't that great. However, I think they're an okay value when it comes to RTW tickets (minus the YQ of course).
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    I agree. I've been also screwed over for years. For now, I will credit all my OW flights to AA.

    QFF = Worst FF program right now. Low availability on own metal, high miles needed for redemption (~double AA) plus YQ on all redemptions!
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    I think it is the other way around. There would be many willing buyers for the Frequent Flyer business, it is the most profitable part of the airline. While we realise there is little value in it, the average person doesn't; QFF has around 10m members in a nation of 22 million, which is far greater market penetration than any American programme.
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