AA Faces Potential Fines Up to $162 Million from FAA for Safety Violations

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    Federal authorities have notified a court handling the bankruptcy of American Airlines parent AMR Corp that they may seek penalties totaling more than $162 million against the airline for safety breaches.

    The Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday it had acted to protect taxpayers' interests in cases involving both American Airlines and American Eagle, American Airlines' commuter subsidiary.

    Details of investigations into alleged safety violations were not made public because the cases remain open, the FAA said in a statement.

    The potential combined total of about $162.7 million reflected four claims submitted to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan on behalf of the FAA.
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    Yes, this bothered me yesterday. A lot.

    Of course there have been accidents over the years, but I have always felt safe when flying AA. I somehow kept going back in my mind to comments by My. Carty years ago in a simpler financial crisis that safety was "in our DNA" and nothing was going to change that. And well before Don Carty there was indeed a tradition of that. I don't pretend to understand all the timing of this, with the F.A.A. facing bankruptcy deadlines, etc., but the size of the proposed fines as compared to previous ones is so huge. . . well, when I read the news articles yesterday, they gave me pause.

    And it involved their Boeing 757s! I fly in those things over water! Ugh!
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    One would think that a fine comes as a result of the investigation and after its conclusion. The way its presented now seems more like a favor from FAA to AA. Because the airline is currently in bankruptcy, any claims submitted now would be discharged or reduced by the court. So if the investigation eventually finds safety violations, AA may effectively go unpunished.

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