AA email: 1 we gutted our ff program 2. Thank you for your loyalty

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    That's what it said and that's how dumb Wall Street dba airlines think the American public is. Few points to be made:
    100% proof that Wall Street dba as airlines own the administration and Congress
    The mergers were a total disaster for the consumer and a gold plated gift to the investor class
    Air travel is abominable because the airlines are colluding and the collective gutting proves it. Couldn't one major airline differentiate? No need to when travelers choices are uniformly awful airlines a b c d or e/f
    Any high spender who trusts these people is insane
    The seats they are selling are now worth a lot less to many people
    They have alienated a lot of people, many of whom they will not get back who have changed their spending/travel dollars differently
    The stock is still rock bottom so the wisdom Of this is yet to be proven
    Why are the airlines not being enjoined from selling miles without clear disclosures of their dramatically diminished worth?

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