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Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by brodyf, Jun 9, 2014.

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    This just hit my inbox...

    Upgrade on US Airways at Check-In
    Until we integrate our programs, we will introduce the ability for AAdvantage elite status members to upgrade to First Class on US Airways within 24 hours of departure, beginning June 11, 2014. If available, an opportunity to upgrade will be presented at check-in for US Airways-operated flights within and between the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) and Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Central America and will be provided on a first come, first served basis. If a seat is not available, you can also choose to add yourself to the upgrade standby list.

    These upgrades are complimentary for elite status members and one companion traveling in the same reservation – just as they are on US Airways today for Dividend Miles elite members.

    If available, upgrades will be offered at check-in via usairways.com, US Airways app, US Airways mobile website, self-service kiosk, US Airways airport agent or a US Airways club agent. To secure an upgrade, all travelers in the reservation will need to agree to the upgrade options as presented at check-in. If you are traveling on a mixed itinerary and are checking in with American, but connecting to a US Airways flight, please see a US Airways agent to assist with the upgrade on US Airways.

    Additionally, you may now also upgrade on US Airways marketed, American Airlines-operated flights at check-in following the policy outlined above. Please refer to our FAQs for more information.
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    Not surprising, and very little other than taking advantage of the existing systems. Realistically you probably still want to fly home metal than try for day-of-travel upgrades, but better than nothing.

    Now to just wait for the time when they actually announce what the future program looks like.
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    As expected. I've actually got a couple of US flights coming up this weekend. We'll see how they handle it.
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    I'm guessing this means the new system will model the US program, unless they decide to open up 500 mile upgrade options to US elite in near future.
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    Us air members have to match the 500 mile upgrade rule to get upgraded on AA. They need the complementary upgrade program on the new AA or alaska airlines will start earning my business!

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