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    Hi all,

    I'm a new AA Platinum, and had a quick question about elite benefits. I booked a trip for myself and my wife when a really good fare popped up. Later, I booked the same itinerary for another family member (from my AA account, since she wasn't an AA member at all).

    Initially, the two reservations were both on my AA account when I logged in. Now, I can only see the reservation for my wife and I, but the other reservation is gone. I called AA, and they said they could "link" the reservations, which they did, but I still can't pull up the second reservation on my account.

    My question is whether or not these additional companions will get my elite benefits (priority security, boarding, etc.) or not? Is there any way for both reservations to be able to use my elite benefits? We're traveling together, and it would be annoying if the third guest couldn't use elite security, etc. with us!

    Thanks for the help.
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    If you're all on the same flights, you should have no problem boarding together. Just say the other pax are with you if the GA questions it.

    Same can be said about security- as long as you go through the line at the same time, the contract dragon shouldn't make a fuss.

    Regarding looking at the second res.. You should be able to punch in the PNR and last name of the pax on the reservations screen. Not sure it'll stay, but at least you can look at it.
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    You should have no problem with the elite benefits. If you are trying to upgrade, I believe that only one guest can upgrade with you, and you will need enough 500 mile upgrades for both of you, although platinum upgrades are not the most common anymore.
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    I verified this recently at SJC. The AAngel that checked us in (I was traveling with my mother who decided to come along at a later time and was therefore on a separate PNR) specifically said that she could go through the priority security line with me and board with me even though her BP said group 2. I had no trouble with either. Simply told the TSA person upstairs that she was with me and no issue at all. Same at the gate. :) The AAgent also told me "You can use these benefits for people in your party at any of our stations, not just here. If you're not on the same reservation just let us know that you're traveling together." Of course YMMV, unfortunately... not everyone is always as friendly as she was.

    I am traveling to Hawaii in *ONE WEEK!!!!* (yay!) on AS from OAK-KOA with my mother, brother, and his girlfriend. I think I'll feel just a little bit guilty when I come up to the gate for priority boarding and say "Yeah these three are with me." We are all on the same PNR for that trip though. We will certainly be taking advantage of at least 6 of the 8 checked bags we are entitled to. ;-)

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