AA Citibusiness Visa or AE Platinum?

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  1. I'm a newbie. I have both of these cards and use them primarily in my business. I do 90% of my travel with AA because I like to have the status. I also enjoy using the miles that build up for family vacations. I use the platinum for the airport perks, etc. Here's my questions: should I buy my plane tickets with the Citibusiness AA card or book my travel with the platinum through AE travel? I figure I need to pick one and stick with it. Not sure which is best. Pros/Cons?
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    If you want your miles to end up on AA then maybe you should get the new Citi Executive card. It will get you miles on AA, Gold status, Admirals club privileges, and double miles on your AA purchases. It costs $450.

    If you have status on AA then you don't have to worry about the free bags and priority access that you get with the exec card and Amex Platinum will get you into the Admirals club and credit you $200 for fees on AA which you can easily incur if you are booking award travel. It also gets you into other airlines clubs. It costs the same amount but kicks you back $200 so it is actually cheaper. Problem with this is your charges won't get you AA miles but since you are saving $200 then you can keep your citi business card and buy your tickets there.

    If you don't have status I would go with the Citi Executive card and if you do have status then you are best off with the two cards you have using one to accumulate miles ( citi card) and one for Admirals club access and fees.
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  3. thanks! Any more thoughts out there!? I do already have status with AA.
  4. I mostly am wanting to comparing just always buying my tickets direct through AA with my Citibusiness Visa or if AE travel program is better and I should book all my travel through that with my platinum??

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