AA and US EQM can be combined in some circumstances

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    Ending the year 500 eqm short of EXP on AA, and with over 25K eqm on US.

    Rather than fly more, buy back into EXP (for $1199) or wait until mid 2015, for the accounts to merge, decided to call.

    Called AA EXP line, transferred to customer service and requested original routing credit - due to mechanical/and or weather, parts of a MR were not flown and I wanted this credit.

    (I'd tried to get orc months back and was urged to wait until later to request it, and was getting fuzzy on the details after months of delay).

    Mentioned I also had eqm on DM - was asked for my US DM #, and after about 15 minutes of the agent checking my US account and conferring w/ a supervisor, was told they would combine the miles now for elite qualifying purposes. It will take 10 days or so to post, but I should have EXP status for all of 2015 - won't have to wait for the accounts to be combined sometime next year.

    Don't know if this was a one time exception - but for folks in a similar situation, with eqm in both programs, it can't hurt to call.
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    Glad things worked out for you but a couple things here:
    1) I would recommend next time ( provided you had completed the flyable part of the original itinerary) that you call in and sort your ORC fairly soon after its flown. It preferable you actually get
    a CSR to a make a notation in your record at the airport at the time of cancellation so as to avoid any information needed to confirm the changes being purged from the system.
    I have never heard of them telling a pax to call back at a later date for ORC.
    2) Even without the impending merger with US,AA has in the past extended the status of those just short of qualifying.... your 500 mile discrepancy is well within the range usually granted to EXPs.

    There are currently reports elsewhere of AA notifying members just short of the required threshold that they have already extended their status.
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