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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the forum, what better way to introduce myself than to start with a complaint! Hopefully not a sign of posts to come!

    I am AAdvantage Gold for life by reaching the 1MM lifetime miles threshold. I have never been a member of the Admirals Club but have seriously considered joining numerous times. In late January 2011 I received a letter from AA Admirals Club offering me a complimentary one-time visit, good at any lounge location around the world -- I thought to myself, what a nice gesture! Even though my next trip wasn't planned until April I assumed I would have something pop up last minute requiring travel and thus allow me to use the complimentary pass before the March 31 2011 expiration date. Now that the date is getting closer and with no travel planned till early April 2011 I thought I would call to see if I could extend the offer a few weeks to check out the club.

    What a waste of a phone call! The guy with the Admirals Club was VERY rude on the phone essentially telling me I was lucky to get a complimentary pass and under no circumstances would they extend the pass. To ask for a 2 week extension on the expiration date felt like I was asking him to give up his first born child.

    Now I know that it was nice them to offer me a free one-time visit, but honestly with only giving me 60 days to use it and the unusual circumstance of me not having a flight within 2 months really had the opposite effect intended. Knowing how rude they were I don't care to pay for a membership. Has anyone else had a better experience with Admirals Club customer service?

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