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A4As new reregulation lie & the truth: we are now the 3rd world and the 3rd world is us

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by ahappyelite, Sep 13, 2018.

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    The deceit of the month over at A4A is rolling out the bogeyman ancient history of airline regulation. The truth is that America’s contemporary air travel is what the third world-and in that sense what Europe was-in the 1980s. You will recall the lack of choice in countries that often had a national flag carrier with sky high prices. Fast forward to today and competition is breaking out everywhere-except the US where the opposite is true. Fast forward to America where essentially 4 airlines work in unison so that we have highest level of concentration on any continent, 75-80% and in airport after airport usurious fares and fees and no real choice is the take it or leave it proposition. The less than $100 round trip has been colluded to death whereas it is ubiquitous in Europe. The mega stock owners often own one two or three putative competitors and they demand the airlines swear to them they are avoiding competition. Stay tuned for next months straw man/lie of the month brought to you by the cartels mouthpiece.

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