A4A barks, media Jumps: Sky high fares ground millions-hubs overpacked, secondary airports orphaned

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    The real stories of the Summer of 2018:
    Millions who cannot afford sky high airfares grounded. Europe has truly accessible air travel for the masses-we do not.
    Superhubs in overjammed mode; summer thunderstorms will spell travel catastrophe
    The needs of the airlines dictate when you go, from where and how many connections you are forced to endure.
    Lots and lots of tiny little planes-so prices can be driven to Mars.
    With collusion, Summer '18 will be the most uncomfortable ordeal ever-thanks to 100% full, less legroom than ever flights
    Secondary airports like PHL, MKE, PIT, CLE, and tons of others have been almost abandoned
    Millions of Americans will start there air holiday by driving hundreds of miles to avoid the raging ripoffs in the airports closest to them

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