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    This weekend promises to be a great one for Kiva Nerdfighters and entrepreneurs around the globe. We have already made it to the top 10 total loaned page and are poised to pass two million in total amount loaned. I just wanted to stop by here and thank you all for your kind words, your insights, and your cheering for us on along the way.

    The real winners here are those that have easier access to funding thanks to our efforts, but I'm still proud of our team's accomplishments and I always check the stats on you guys along the way; constantly amazed at your performance. Just wanted to make sure in our own celebration we didn't leave one of our biggest supporting teams out. If you are already part of our team, come hang out in our message board on Kiva, and see some unironically enthusiastic nerds all jump-up-and-down-in-your-seat excited!

    Again, thanks for your support. Best wishes, and as they say in our home town: Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

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    Congrats on making it into the top 10! I am a newish member to the MP Kiva group and am amazed at this groups generosity! We have a great group that organizes us and puts together goals which makes me have more of a drive to help hit the goal. With the numbers you have in your group with a little more organizing you folks could blow us out of the water.....in fact, I dare you to even try! :D

    Thanks for getting rid of teh suck! (I pwn in WoW with my little gobby spriest)

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