A weekend in ... Milan or Zurich?

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    So my wife and I have a few hotel certificates that will be expiring middle of next year that we can't seem to fit into any of our real vacations so I thought why not go for a long weekend. The places we've decided upon are either Milan/Zurich. I'm sure you guess what kid of certs we have? ;), but out of the two what would be a better trip in February for Valentine's day?
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    Well with the greater possibility of snow being on the ground In February Zurich will appear to be more "romantic" :)
    Both are wonderful cities if there is a chance you might not go that way again I would suggest
    Zurich its much smaller and pretty much all the sights are within in walking distance (and also more expensive)
    Milan has a lot more to offer but a weekend wont be enough time to do it justice.
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    I love Milan, but I'll agree with Newbluesea. Neither place is a huge tourist draw, though they have their attractions. Milan has The Last Supper, La Scala, the biggest cathedral in Italy, a monumental shopping mall, the shell of a castle, and some interesting industrial museums. The reasonably-priced food ranges from OK to pretty good, and of course you can get outstanding meals at the high-end restaurants in either city.

    Zurich may not have quite as much, but it will harmonize with the season. There will be greater shopping choices, but you'll pay a price. Crime's lower and Zurich will no doubt be cleaner, as municipal services in Italy aren't at their best these days. Reasonably-priced food is non-existant. In September, steaks at several sidewalk cafes were averaging the equivalent of $40, and those didn't even look like high-end places (I didn't go in, so can't comment on the specific quality).

    All told, I think I'd rather spend a couple of snowy days walking around Zurich. Save Milan for three or four sunny spring days. -DA1
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