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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by traveltoomuch, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Despite all of the justifiable UA grumpiness that we've been spouting here in recent months, I just had a couple of happy moments with UA. Perhaps I should try to celebrate those...
    1. Rewards Plus, the Marriott partnership announced in December. Thanks to UA, I have Marriott Rewards Gold status. I just stayed at an overseas Marriott property that would have charged me ~$27/day for net. Instead, I got free net and access to a pleasant club lounge that included a (limited) open bar, a diverse evening appetizer collection, and breakfast.
    2. Catering upgrades. On a short transatlantic hop in C, the menu had four entree choice, portions were large, and they served ice cream with full sundae toppings. I compare this to five years ago when three choices were standard, I may have even seen only two choices, and portions were not satisfying.
    Have you had any happy UA moments recently?
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    Well, they have to be still doing some things right for them to be still in Business after all the gripes we hear. Just hoping (I mean it) that UA will pick up and thus provide real alternatives and competition to us (flyers). No industry ever improved if there are no meaningful competition. Think mobile phones. The single biggest improvement was when Apple decided to make a phone that then revolutionized the whole market. Not all the things they did was a real new invention but they did it well and and packaged it perfectly at that time. "Flipping" iPhones then in Asia was a hugely profitable business.

    Go UA and may you (soon) provide the services you were once renowned for.
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    My last three flights, from/to SFO, were pretty much on time. I was happy about that.

    I have only spent $1700 PQD on UA this year, and most of it on one RT to Europe, so I haven t really had much exposure to their problems this year. The Marriott benefit is nice, but I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet.

    As for food, I have never really had a problem with the quantity of Business Class food on (PM)UA. The unavailability of special meals has made domestic food pretty much pointless for me, so the quality concerns and other cutbacks I have read about don't matter to me personally.

    When was that? ;)

    I have always flown UA because

    (a) I am based near SFO
    (b) E+
    (c) a good loyalty program with affordable international upgrades

    I never had much concern about them not offering the level of sophisticated service of the likes of LH or SQ.

    (a) remains a factor for now, but AA/Delta have now caught up on E+ and (c) is much less of a factor now...

    This year is my last year as a 1K.
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    The Marriott benefit is one that I definitely value.
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    If you click on my FlightDiary below, you'll see a lot of flights -- are all 2014 flights. Most of them have been on United. Recently, my experiences have all been positive. Friendly, caring flight crew. No major delays. No equipment malfunctions. Generally competent and friendly 1K desk folk on the phone.

    In other words, my experience has been pretty consistent this spring and summer. I'm headed back to GRU tomorrow, and get to see the new Terminal 3, and I'm hoping that elevates my experience even more (since GRU Terminal 1 is a bear).
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