A tale of three cities

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    I recently went through Security in Tel Aviv, Milan, and Prague. In all three cases I was wearing both suspenders and a belt (yes, there is a reason) and had shoes with metal in the arches.

    In Tel Aviv, I went through the usual questioning in less than 20 seconds. When I got to the metal detector, it did not ring so I could walk right through. (TLV has an x-ray which looks at your shoes as you walk through, without requiring you to take them off. Its metal detectors are not set to be sensitive enough to be set off by a belt buckle or the clips on suspenders.)

    Milan, too, did not require me to remove my shoes or my belt. The alarm did go off, I was given in a pat down which was finished within a few moments. I did not have to raise my arms nor did they get near my "junk".

    When flying out of Prague, I was on El Al. Hence, I was asked the same questions that I would have been asked in Tel Aviv. I found it interesting that this was the only city I have ever flown out of where El Al's security people were locals -- and did not speak Hebrew.

    I made the mistake of telling them the truth and saying that my luggage, while locked, was out of my sight for about an hour while being kept behind my hotel's reception desk. This resulted in them opening my luggage, testing it for explosives, and asking me if everything in it was mine.

    I then went through Security, was made to take off my belt, and when my shoes and suspenders set off the alarm was given the same quick pat down I got in Milan.

    In the States, my shoes and belt come off, of course, and the clips on my suspenders usually result in the full pat down,along with accompanying explanations.
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    Is that device really an x-ray, or something else? (I saw the TSA testing some sort shoe scanner one could just step on in SEA around seven years ago.

    Must've been a good looking female working security if you wanted to spend some extra time there. :p

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