A stopover between Asia and South America

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    I am arranging a trip between North Asia (e.g. ICN) and South America (e.g. RIO). No matter how I make through the journey, I would have to transfer either in Europe (e.g. LIS) or in North America (e.g. LAX). Therefore, I hope to make a stopover in one of the cities (e.g. LIS or LAX) during my trip. However, when I tried to use the multi-city search options on United.com,a total number of 170000 miles is calculated and each segment of the itinerary can be located (i.e. ICN-LIS plus LIS-RIO plus RIO-ICN). Unfortunately. it showed "error" when I intended to purchase the ticket at the final phase. I am wondering if such an itinerary violates any of the Mileage Plus award rules. Thank you very much for your help in advance!
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    I'm not smart enough to answer your rules question. I am experienced enough, however, to know that booking a ticket on the multi-city search tool on UA.com is often buggy. Take your desired itinerary and call United reservations and have them book it for you over the phone. There are no extra fees for this.
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    Agreed...call in once you find your desired flights and it should price properly.

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