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    I recently achieved Star Alliance Silver from Aegean Airlines, and I have a few questions about it that I can't seem to find direct answers to.

    1)For new bookings, I remember reading a while back that I provide my Aegean Airlines number first and then change it to my preferred airline when checking in, is that correct?

    2)For existing and award bookings, how would I let US Airways or United know that I have Star Alliance Silver, since I use their FF number for the bookings?

    3)Is there a chance of being upgraded as Star Alliance Silver/Gold on US Airways and United? I understand it depends on the fullness of the flight but I've seen conflicting answers browsing the forum.

    Hopefully the answers will benefit others who are having the same questions.
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    The only thing that A3*S will give you is one free bag, so you should put it on your reservation if you need to check one in. Put down A3 at check-in, then change it at the gate.

    For existing bookings, give them your number at check-in if you need to check a bag. You should receive your card within 2 months. When did you qualify for *S? They seem to mail out the cards every 2 months, so if you qualified in September, your card will be mailed out in November and won't reach you until around Thanksgiving. If you qualified in August, you should already have your card ;)

    Upgrades will be a very lucky thing for you, since you will be at the VERY bottom of the list. It's tough enough for UA elites to get an upgrade, a partner elite has no chance. I've only seen A3*G getting upgraded due to OP-UPs (when economy is full).

    May I ask, any reason why you're not going for A3*G? You only need 16K more miles from the day you qualified for A3*S ...

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