A Shirt That "Fits" Me

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    While shopping on Black Friday, a shirt that I had seen in the past had caught Kim's eye. The shirt had a great message that I definitely agreed with- Eat Well, Travel Often.
    The shirt was spotted at one of our favorite stores- Brooklyn Industries.

    When I had seen this shirt in the past, I didn't get to see the full message. I guess the way it was folded only allowed me to see part of it. I could see the words Eat Well and the pizza bike graphic but not the last line. Pizza is probably tied for my favorite food so I did look at the shirt but I never bothered to unfold it.
    While trying on a shirt at BKI, Kim came over with the Eat Well shirt and told me that she found the perfect shirt for me. At first I was wondering what I missed but when I saw it fully opened I had to get it.

    The message on the shirt- Eat Well, Travel Often was really fitting. At home and while traveling, Kim and I love trying out new restaurants, seeking out interesting foods and eating well. We also make sure to travel often. It is rare that we don't have an upcoming trip planned or in the works.
    I'm definitely not the only that liked this shirt. I checked the BKI website and it's only available in size XL (and on sale for $19.99). If you need a different size, maybe you'll have better luck in one of the BKI stores.

    Check out Brooklyn Industries HERE to purchase the Eat Well shirt and see what other products they have to offer.
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    Rare is the time i find ANY kind, style, or quality of shirt that fits me well.

    The ones i do have ? .... are handeled with "kid gloves" and worn sparingly.

    I absolutely hate this fact.

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