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    My wife and I have booked *A RTW tickets (business class) for the end of this year. My question is: would we be better off applying for membership to the loyalty programmes of each of the individual airlines we'll be flying with? We are currently members of Thai Airways ROP (me - Gold; my wife - Silver).

    The combination of airlines for our route is as follows: Singapore, Air New Zealand, United, SWISS, Tyrolean Airways.

    The reason we are members of Thai ROP is that we've lived in Bangkok for the past 2.5 years as expats but we will be heading back to the UK in early February 2013.

    I suppose my concerns with leaving everything with TG are:
    1) Ease of redemption and usage opportunities from the UK?​
    2) Do the above airlines credit miles at the same rate to another *A programme as they would for customers on their own loyalty programmes?​
    3) TG website is not the easiest to use and redeeming miles on other *A carriers has to be done through their call centre. Not sure if this is a *A wide issue or not​
    4) TG call centre staff speak limited English so I'm envisaging issues further down the line if we want to redeem for other *A flights​

    Any thoughts, considerations or advice gratefully received.

    Many thanks
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    Welcome to Milepoint. There are several consideration in choosing who to credit miles to. Since you are elite with Thai, you may get extra miles credited by using that program. If you don't wish to use that program, then I would pick one program that you feel will be useful and credit all the miles to that program. It will be of little use to have small amounts of mileage in several different programs and you will not earn elite status with any that way.
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    Don't scatter your miles in each of the various programmes. That's the best way to dilute the value. I have no answer on the ability to redeem points through TG's programme.

    Credit to Aegean, get Star Gold status to always be able to check bags and use a lounge, redeem miles for a holiday somehwere Mediterranean.

    Start here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/aege...o-1-aegean-miles-bonus-all-you-need-know.html
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    Sounds like the op has star gold status already via TG.
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