A Possible way around the "Premium Award"

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    So, having planned a stay in the Hilton Sydney in March 2013 I got worried as the reports say there is no availability for a standard award there. Thinking that I could not book yet till March 2013 I checked the situation out today. So a year out from today there are no standard awards - BUT - if you go more than a year out, there are standard award available. One cannot go there from the home page of the Hilton page, but when one does flexible date search, or when one selects the hotel and change the dates then - one can go more than a year out. Low and behold, more than a year out there are standard awards for any date the one looks for.
    A quick call to the Diamond desk to book an Axon reward and now I'm book for March 2013 with the AXON rates. They were as surprised as I was that there are loads in the system more then a year out. One can book GLON awards on the web site directly without a problem.
    The only hitch is that the certificate expires in a year (before the stay is due) - but I'll deal with that later. Keep my fingers crossed that the award will stick.
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