A nice customer service outcome AmEx Premier Rewards and MRs

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by profpeabody, Jul 9, 2016.

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    Have the AmEx Premier Rewards Gold card and have been getting 15k bonus MRs with an annual spend of 30K. Noticed I had not received for this year so called MR to check. Was told the benefit has been discontinued as of January 2016. I protested as I was not notified and had based spend on the benefit promised. Nadia, a supervisor, was very kind and gave me a bonus of 25k MRs. So nice when you speak to someone who is customer friendly and takes the time to actually look at your account and listen. So big thumbs up to AmEx for a nice experience. Sorry to lose the benefit but the exceptional service and the one time bonus keeps my loyalty.
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    They changed the spend on the SPG, for Gold one year, I called them and they gave me the points,

    We have the PRC also, Amex has always treated us great.

    I will miss the Costco Amex, they really support the consumer.
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