A New Exit to the Uffizi

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  1. The new Uffizi is still a work in progress. The new exit was proposed in Piazza del Grano back 1998 which was an international competition won by a Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. A 60-million-euro renovation that was coined Grandi Uffizi. This project was supposed to be finished in 2003 but it was pushed aside until the expansion of the museum’s exhibition space is completed. Even though Isozaki won this competition, there is one big problem. The vote for going further with this project is split down the middle. Half want the new loggia and the other half is a firm no.
    The Florence-born architect Andrea Ponsi believes that ‘A new loggia is more than welcome in this city. It is time to show the world that Florence is a vital center, where contemporary art and architecture can have a space of their own’…
    So what will come of this design of the new exit? No one knows. But let’s hope there can be some leeway in the Florence government where they can see the light of adding new types of art and architecture into the city. To improve it and make it more welcoming to other new pieces of art.
    The New Exit of the Uffizi Gallery
    Photo credit: NuoviUffizi
    Information Source: The Florentine

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