A Nation Bruised and Bandaged: What can you say about the airlines that is worse than the truth?

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    Shock waves around the world at the way a UAL pax was poofed out of the "Friendly Skies." In truth this viscersal act of thuggery was only a snapshot of the utter contempt Wall Street has for those it feeds off. Truth be told, they are probably removing the Bull on Broadway and replacing it with a statue of an Airline CEO standing over a prone passenger with taser drawn-private equitiy's new heroic figure. (For the speculators and s-bs who have demanded the creation of a pay as you suffer airline model) truth is to them this IS the way an airline should run-with the choiceless tormented souls forced to fork over cash to free them from the drubbing that air travel is at every turn. Making travel into an uber hassle is not incidental as the foolish media keeps reporting, it is a baked in profit center that satiates the demands for ever greater quarterly profits-in the airlines future planning means nothing more next quarter. Since 2010, there has been an unrelenting war declared on ordinary air passengers, cramped seating in all classes, horrible boarding, food removed, toliets condensed, ever longer flight times, ground delays, decimation of frequent flyer awards (even as they hawked trillions of miles under false pretenses), in short as they proudly declare: No waivers/No favors/No Common Sense/No Service. We have a criminal mindset afoot in the country: push every limit you can, conceal, deny, blame others, (have others like the police do your dirty work) chisel with abandon, and when, and if you get caught red handed, then and only then give back as little as you can get away with and don't look back or miss a beat, keep on keeping on and filching as much as you can. Think of how many people got hurt when Wall Street demanded decimation of bereavement fares as one of the first act of the aircartel. Bu judging from conversations with people. even with all the price fixing and lack of choice, many Americans may be just creating lives for themselves that, whenever possible, don't involve trips to the airport. The jury is still out on whether declaring war on your customers will work for the airlines-it is a high risk strategy indeed.
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    "If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort, provided you don't travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly."

    - Prince Phillip 2002

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