A little help from my friends - Add child to existing reservation using miles

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    Hi all,

    So, I need a little help from my friends around here.

    I am flying for work to CDG next month and my wife and daughter decided to join me (but that wasn't on my budget). I got some miles here and there but not enough to get 2 roundtrips for them on the same carrier. My thought was, I have enough AA miles for 3 legs and have DL miles too, so:

    CLT -> CDG - Everybody fly together on AA
    CDG -> CLT - I fly with my daughter (3years old) on AA and my Wife fly with DL

    The question is, can I add my daughter to my reservation using miles? The company I work for paid for my ticket. Not sure how this works.. I'll give AA a call this week, but hope to hear from you guys first.

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    You can't add your daughter to the reservation, but normally once her ticket is booked you can ask them to link the PNRs so that they are attached to each other. Whether the system will let you book a separate ticket for a minor is another question/hurdle though....
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    And there has to be award availability on the flight you want before you can even "buy" a ticket for anyone!

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