A List of the Largest Subdivisions of Countries in the World in Terms of Area

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    As I was curious while posting levity pertaining to Nunavut in this FlyerTalk discussion, I looked up information about the newest Canadian province and found a list of the largest country subdivisions in the world by area. Nunavut is one of the largest subdivisions of a country in terms of area, but not the largest.

    Without first referring to the list, what portions of the world are the largest subdivisions by country in terms of area, where are they located, and what do you believe is the proper order of the list?

    While you are pondering these questions, here is some entertainment provided by a Canadian musical band which sings about subdivisions:

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    My list came up slightly different.

    At first I thought Siberia would be the largest area within a region, but it turns out the Far East Federal District (FEFD) is a bit larger than the Siberian District (2 of the 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation). The former is 3X bigger than Nunavut and the latter about 1Msq miles smaller than FEFD. In the Wiki list, Sakha (one of 38 Federal is listed as the largest subjects) is the largest subject within the FEFD.

    I got #3 and totally forgot about #4!

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