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    Season greetings,

    The holidays are upon on us, and everyone here at Hyatt Gold Passport looks forward to sharing in the fun and festivities of this magical season. As another year comes to a close, we hope you know that whether you’ve been a Hyatt Gold Passport member for a few days or a few decades, our relationship with you means everything to us, and we are thankful that you’ve given us the opportunity to connect with you here on milepoint.

    We are especially excited about the future and our role in making your travel experience better than ever. We’re listening to you and your fellow travelers from around the world. Whether through lively discussion forums such as this one, focus groups or personal conversations, your feedback has helped us better understand how you live your lives, how you travel and most importantly how we can improve your journey. With this in mind, we are analyzing, testing and gathering feedback on many ideas (both big and small) around the world. And, these efforts are just the beginning.

    We are growing quickly with nearly 200 new hotels in the pipeline, so you will always experience the warmest Hyatt hospitality no matter where you travel. In the meantime, we welcome you to explore our newest hotels, including Hyatt Union Square in New York, Andaz Amsterdam, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur and many new Hyatt Place® locations, including San Jose, Costa Rica and Hampi, India.

    As always, feel free to let us know what you think – even if it means that we’re on your “naughty list.” (I hope we’re not!) You can always find us here on milepoint, or contact me directly at jeff.zidell@hyatt.com. We look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.

    On behalf of the entire Hyatt family, I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season and safe travels.

    All my best,

    Jeff Zidell
    Vice President
    Hyatt Gold Passport
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    To you and your team as well, Jeff!
  3. Golden Toque

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    Jeff, having met you a number of times, and even shared a drink or two at MilePoint events Hyatt has sponsored, I know that this is a truly heartfelt message from you, and not just something written by the folks in Marketing!

    All the best to you and everyone at Hyatt this holiday season! It's been a great yer!
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    Happy Holidays Jeff!

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    Happy Holidays to you also!!!
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    Happy Holidays to all at Hyatt and a special shout out to Todd for doing a great job on the previous mega-do's
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    I realize that I'm quite late to the party, but just a point of clarification. The Hyatt Place® in Costa Rica is near San Jose, but it is actually in Curridabat. Curridabat is technically in the Canton de San Jose, but it is a different town. If I were to stand on my roof, I could see it from my current home. It's a lovely location for those wanting to visit points SE of the city, including Cartago and the Orosi Valley.

    Those looking to do some of the more popular rainforest, coffee plantation and waterfall tours (not to mention going to the beach) will be disappointed, however, as the traffic from here is absolutely as bad as it gets. Hyatt is a trailblazer by putting a nice hotel out here, and it's a beautiful place, but tourists should be warned of the time it takes to simply get in and out of San Jose. That alone can be a two hour drive in rush hour or any time there is an accident. It is 6 km. That's how bad the roads and traffic are here.

    For those who may be terribly disturbed by the "KenInEscazu" screen name when I should clearly be "KenInCurridabat," I moved. Next month I should be "KenInMedellin." :)
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