A great example of good customer service from AA from Reddit.com

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    Really interesting AA service story I saw on Reddit.com, from user dcPolydeuces:
    The letter:
    Here's the story from user dcPolydeuces:

    "Moments after I landed back home in Chicago from a business trip, I received a call from Kelly at American Airlines Passenger Service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Kelly was calling to tell me a kind Midwesterner had turned in my iPod and she wanted to send it back to me. I gave her my address while admitting to myself that I would never see my iPod again. Well, I received it in the mail today with a very sweet note.​
    I didn't think this type of Customer Service still existed. I'm not sure if Kelly is a redditor or not, but I am sure that someone in Minneapolis/St. Paul might be. If a Midwesterner would turn in my iPod rather than steal it, I am sure they would find Kelly and tell her about her awesomeness. Can we show her some love?​
    EDIT: Kelly knew it was mine because my information was in the ABOUT section of the iPod."​

    Just thought it was a good story and wanted to share. [​IMG]

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