A good use of Avios? Locational problem and comparative redemption analysis

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    OK, so, almost four years of rolling fuel-dumped itins - fifteen of them - that originated in the EU are coming to an end. As a result, I'm going to be stuck in OTP in late July, with no reasonable paid itin available even with a fuel dump.

    So I need a one-way Stateside ticket to return home. I really don't care if it originates in OTP, I'm prepared to position anywhere within the EU or even elsewhere if cheap enough.

    I have some typical flyerchoices, and one of them involves actually using Avios:

    1. Use juicy Star miles for a one-way redemption, EU to US.

    Advantage: I have hundreds of thousands of them, they are easy to use, there's tons of availability, they involve some nice carriers with good service (LX).
    Problem: uses valuable Star miles that can perform other service. The option value of these miles is very high.

    2. Use *best in class* SM on AF or the blue demons.

    Advantage: Perversely I like the service of the Gaullists and the Blue Demons. SM have almost no option value and I don't really mind if I blow them on this trip.
    Problem: the swingeing IOS that makes BA look generous. Can't book one-ways on DL and even if you could, the thirteen-tier award system means I probably can't get much for my 160k SM. Maybe not even this trip.

    3. Use Avios either on IB ex-MAD or BA from LHR.

    Advantage: I can book a one-way award, BA's onboard product - as opposed to their notoriously Dilbertian managerial strategy, their dreadful CS and so on - is quite decent. 50k Avios should be adequate for a WT+ redemption.
    Problem: Swingeing YQ and other user-punishing taxes mean significant hard cash layout.

    4. Fuel dump AZ to Asia, redeem on 1, 2 or 3 from Asia to US.

    Advantage: accumulates miles/EQM
    Problem: still presents choice between 1, 2 and 3. And the accrued RDM/EQM would be *best in class* SM which aren't worth anything to me.

    I'm leaning towards Option 3.

    Other factors: booking in WT+ on BA metal entails a possibility of op-up to Club. The last time I did so, I was op-upped to Club anyway. In fairness I was op-upped last year on a number of occasions on various airlines, all on standard award tickets in Y so this could also happen on LH, UA, AF.

    But if I choose this route, I'd pick a Friday afternoon or Sat daytime depature, ideally the beginning of the UK school hols, and a machine with limited WT+:eek:ther cabin ratio. 772?
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    What's a fuel dump?
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    a way to book tickets by throwing an odd ball segment into the mix that removes, in the best case, the fuel surcharge. Search for pineapple poke. Option 3 is a good one in my view. Can not always dump.
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    WT+ is not worth the risk of not getting the op-up -- it is just dreadful...of course I'm spoiled in First on BA.

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