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    Sometimes, the system works for us. Granted, not often, but sometimes you just have to give a big "YES!" to the "glitches" which work in our favor.

    Figure I'll need to do a couple Transcontinental MRs this year to keep status it appears (if my non-rev SAA flight indeed was coded "correctly" and doesn't give me EQMs - I'm hopeful but not optimistic). With limited windows to comfortably schedule, and the need to optimize time, productivity and comfort, PS flights seem to give me the best combo, absent some really terrific MR deals like the $61RT BOS-SAN I missed.

    So since I didn't want to wait to do all of them until last quarter, which in reality would mean just December with my travel schedule, I jumped on a decent, though not great, PS RT today which had immediately confirmable NC space and added Denver segments to position. Booked it as DEN-LAX-JFK with an immediate turn back JFK-SFO-DEN. Wasn't even thinking about the fact I wasn't returning to LAX, it just worked better on miles, timing and price.

    When I asked a partner to apply a CR1 for me on the outbound leg, lo and behold the known "glitch" kicked in, and allowed DEN-LAX-JFK-SFO to be counted as a single leg, leaving just the SFO-DEN leg to be upgraded in another way. I'd planned on using points for the return legs JFK-SFO-DEN, but since the CR1 is covering all but the last leg, which is on a 757, I'll leave it to the UDU Gods to decide where I set on that leg.

    It's by no means a record, but have to say that being able to upgrade 5,923 miles and 14:20 hours of actual in-flight time on a single CR1 has me feeling like I've arrived into the MR ranks. My CPM may not be the legendary, but I'll be traveling in comfort and getting the status to which I am addicted. May be hope for me as a mile runner yet!

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    Not bad...but I did get about the same amount of miles upgraded using EUA/UDU on a 23 hour MR BOS-IAH-SEA-LAX-BOS...YMMV (literally).

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