A civilized op-up?

Discussion in 'Air Canada | Aeroplan' started by tomh009, May 5, 2014.

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    For my YYZ-LHR flight last week, I went through a whole lot of consternation about whether to use my eUpgrade credits or not: I have about 50 in the account, and the 18:30 flight even had R space for a confirmed upgrade. (The 18:00 return flight, on the other hand, was sold out in J, forget about R.) But in the end I decided that the value wasn't there for me as I would basically sleep almost the whole flight, and I should save the credits for my NRT commuter flights.

    But when I checked in online, the page said "Executive Standby". I did a double-take, and went back to check whether I had upgraded after all. I had not, so I took the boarding pass. At the MLL, they confirmed I was in the upgrade queue, and I did get handed a J boarding pass at the gate. Thanks, AC, for the relatively rare international op-up!

    J wasn't quite full, but Y was oversold so the op-ups make sense. But the surprise to me was that they already planned it at check-in time, this is the first time I ever recall seeing that. Not that I'm complaining ... :D
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    I was op-upd the other day YVR-YEG on a reward ticket. I no longer have any status with AC and the only thing I can think of is that I was on a J reward ticket which had this leg in Y...but I've never heard of this kind of proactive (they called me to the podium before I ever visited it) happening on a reward ticket before. I have no e-upgrades so it wasn't that which triggered it. J went out at about 75% capacity. Can't say what Y had in it.
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    I had an interesting flight that resulted in a rare double upgrade on United some years ago.

    I was flying RSW-ORD-FRA, had a purchased economy ticket ("V" fare class as I recall) and put in for an upgrade using an SWU. The upgrade (both segments, because it was an SWU) came through before I departed RSW, so I was given a Business Class boarding pass for the ORD-FRA continuation flight when I checked in at RSW.

    When I landed at ORD, the word in the Red Carpet Club was that my continuation flight was oversold and they were looking for volunteers for denied boarding. I went to the check-in podium and told the man I'd volunteer for denied boarding if they needed me, but expected to be booked into Business on the replacement flight. He grabbed my boarding pass, said, "Just what I was looking for!" hit some keys, and handed me a boarding pass for seat 2J on the same flight, saying, "you've been upgraded." He then called someone else up to the podium while I was still just looking at my new boarding pass, handed him a Business boarding pass, said "You've been upgraded," and called someone else (I presume someone waiting for a seat, who was now getting the economy seat freed-up by the guy who had just gotten my former seat).

    Well, I had been hoping for the denied boarding compensation but I wasn't going to turn down the upgrade to First (the new Sleeper Suites were just coming on line), so I put my new boarding pass in my pocket and moseyed down to the First Class lounge where I began sopping up the premium single-malt scotch (*those* were the days!).

    I don't know whether the gate agent didn't notice that my Business Class boarding pass was an upgrade, or whether he decided that -- under the conditions he was facing -- getting my Business Class seat was more important than following United's policy against double upgrades. Or perhaps since the second upgrade was an op-up, it didn't violate the policy. All I know is that it was the best flight on a "V" fare I'd ever had.
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