A Centralized Forum on Most Effective Way of Maximizing Miles for Air Awards?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by Lighthouse, Nov 5, 2011.

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    I like most MP members have a large number of award points in a wide variety of airline, hotel, etc. accounts. While there are great threads on accumulating miles and keeping track of miles discussions on how to most effectively use them seem to be splintered (e.g. announcing special promotions) and/or discussed piecemeal by certain blog writers.

    I have millions of award miles and would like to use them intelligently for first class international travel from the SFO area. I am interested in two categories

    1) All Award Mile Trips - My interest here is in maximizing first class air awards to travel on a single award ticket to a number of foreign countries/cities in a region e.g.
    ----Singapore, Bali, Australia New Zealand or
    ----Beijing, Bhutan, Tibet

    2) Discounted Intl Air Tickets with mileage award Upgrades - My interest here is paying as little as possible so I can take advantage of international miles for eqm credits for my various premier statuses and/or as well as additional flexibility in adding additional layovers in additional countries/cities.

    I know there is in Concourse Z a service called "usingmiles" that is trying to fill that void which seems to have performance problems. Does it make sense to have a forum addressing these issues or am I simply missing how these issues are more being more efficiently addressed?

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