A Battle Plan for Jet Lag

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    NY Times: A Battle Plan for Jet Lag

    I agree with the article's opening that there are all sorts of items out there that claim to help with jet lag. I've never really bought into any of their pitches. That said, I find an eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, and Benadryl to be essential items in getting some rest no matter which class of service I'm flying.

    I've found I do like the daytime flights for eastboud TATL trips, as by the time I get home from Heathrow I'm ready for bed and seem to have an easier time getting back on schedule when it comes to waking up for work upon my return!

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    Real solutions do exist, however they are disjointed, idiosyncratic and frankly most frequent fliers are more interested in miles earned than their health, so whatever's done to push the issue into the long grass is good enough for most.

    In the meantime the pharmaceutical industry is trying to turn jet lag from an inconvenience into a full blown illness so the can make and sell you the cure, ala Nuvigil from Cephalon. Never thought I'd say it but thank god for the FDA !
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