*A award with seg on A3...never availabile

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    Looking for award space next summer (july) to CHQ or HER
    considering YYZ/NYC/PHL-XXX-HER. trying avoid 2-3 stop itinerary
    the last seg on these trips has to be on A3.
    even when it comes up on CO website search engine...it comes back with errors and wont book.
    other *A search engines dont show any A3 segs available.
    what gives? are they just not releasing any inventory that far out?

    whats best advice? should i book the transatlantic segs now to ATH and pay the change fees when A3 decides to open stuff up? or just purchase the A3 segs separate? would that exclude me from trying to get a longer seg/ fewer stop itin into HER (e.g. YYZ-CDG/VIE-HER)
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    It might be hard to get award space into Greek vaction destinations during the summer high season; the A3 flights that I've been on have always been packed, although I never had difficulty getting an expensive ticket on the flights I wanted.

    If you have enough status in your FF program to get free changes to award tickets--or even greatly reduced fees--I would book something now, probably ATH as that routing offers more flights. Even if you will be hit with big change fees, it might be better to book the award ticket now and then decide later whether to pay to change to add the A3 segments or to buy a separate ticket for that portion of your trip.

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