9 stupid things you're probably doing with your credit card

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    You've got a low-interest rate credit card, pay at least your minimum due, and you've never left your credit card sitting in an unlocked car. So, you're covered, right? Wrong. Even the smartest among us are guilty of some of these common credit card mistakes. Improve your credit card IQ by avoiding these common mistakes.

    1. Ignoring your rewards program With so many credit cards on the market today, credit card issuers are working hard to get you to choose their card. Many cards offerrewards programs that, well, reward you for the money you're already spending. An industry-standard 1 percent redemption rate will typically be what you earn with your eyes closed. However, some cards can boost quarterly promotions to as high as 5 percent rebates on eligible purchases.

    Credit card rewards programs are generally pretty easy to manage, whether you use your credit card only a few times a year or if you pass all your monthly spending through your credit account. Rewards programs can pay off in travel discounts, exclusive perks, statement credits or even some extra holiday shopping money. Just be sure to check if or when your points/miles expire. With just a little attention to your account details, you could be earning some considerable rewards.

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    I'm sure no one on this board is unaware of, ignoring, or not taking advantage of the various award programs...

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