9 Holiday Cocktails from Around the United States

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    So, it's officially drinking season. Well, holiday drinking season that is. In need of a festive drink? These eight cocktails from around the United States should get you in the mood (if you're not there already), and at the very least, inspire you to brew up a hot toddy at home.

    1. Angry Claus
    David Burke Townhouse, New York City
    Godiva liqueur paired with Swiss Miss, brandy and cayenne pepper. That combination might make for an Angry Claus, but it also makes for a Happy You.

    2. Horchata Rum Punch
    Cocktail Bar at Windsor Court, New Orleans
    This is not your 1950s holiday party punch. Made with local popcorn rice horchata, cinnamon and El Dorado 5 Year Rum, this holiday drink has an exotic spin.

    3. Holidays on Ice
    Honki & the Bird, Los Angeles
    While there might not be much ice on the streets of Los Angeles, at least you can get it in your glass. This drink is a combination of Buffalo Trace bourbon and the same distillery's Eagle Rare, topped off with lemon, curacao and, wait for it...cinnamon-sugared butternut squash juice.

    4. Robb's Hot Buttered Rum
    The Augustus, Seattle
    The Augustus puts together an entire list of winter cocktails including its housemade buttered rum. Considering you're in gray and rainy Seattle, you're probably going to need two.

    Read More: http://news.travel.aol.com/2013/12/27/8-holiday-cocktails-united-states/
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    Thanks for posting, sobore! Just in time for New Year's! ;)
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