9 easy ways to make a flight attendant go insane

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    9 easy ways to make a flight attendant go insane​

    An anonymous airline crew member lets rip on passengers' most annoying habits​
    18 February, 2011 ​
    I’ve been working for a well-known commercial airline in Asia for a few years now. On a good day, it’s a five-star hotel in Shanghai, shopping in Paris or winning a game of roulette in Las Vegas. On a bad one, it’s emergency landings, 12-hour long delays and an endless stream of obnoxious/annoying passengers.​
    Don’t let our svelte figures, exquisitely tailored uniforms and perfect smiles fool you. You do not want to get on the bad side of the person who serves you food, brings you drinks and keeps you safe when you’re stuck in a tin can flying at 35,000 feet.​
    I’ve put together a list of the nine things that really get under a flight attendant’s skin. Worst of all these crimes against aviation are so common sense -- yet they happen on every single flight.​

    see link for the rest of article and the lovely comments.

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