$9.99 a day ... can you get there from here?

Discussion in 'National | Emerald Club' started by 2soonold, Sep 14, 2011.

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    When Emerald Club started counting rentals from Enterprise towards status with Emerald Club, I thought that was a very good deal. For one thing, there are a lot more Enterprise locations around. About half of my Emerald Club rentals so far this year have been from Enterprise.
    The buzz right now is about the Enterprise $9.99 a weekend day rate at non-airport locations. But when I enter my Emerald Club number on the website, seems the deal is off.
    As an Emerald Club member I am not likely to rent from Enterprise at any price if I can't the rental to count toward status at Emerald Club. I'm guessing that maybe the people working at the non-airport know if it's even possible.
    Has anyone here gotten the low rate, and had the rental count toward status with Emerald Club?:)
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    whoa I couldn't tell you the number of $9.99 rentals I've had in the past with Enterprise, for sure quite a few. I say in the past as the rate back when had unlimited miles, the current $9.99 weekend rate caps at 100 miles per day with a hefty per mile charge tacked on for miles over your 100. My weekend driving destinations make the mileage surcharge too expensive to take advantage of this rate.

    I'd call your local Enterprise office to see if they can put your number in for the rate.

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