9:30 Club launches "Friends with Benefits" powered by LoyaltyMatch OnDemand

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    The 9:30 Club, located in Washington, D.C., and recognized as one of the premier live entertainment venues in the United States, just launched its new loyalty program called "Friends with Benefits" (930.com/friends).

    Powered by the LoyaltyMatch OnDemand platform, registrations averaged one new member every minute. On launch day, registration peaked at two members registering every second. Members earn points with the purchase of tickets, refreshments and merchandise, at the 9:30 Club and I.M.P.'s other major music venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md., as well as by engaging in social media around the shows. The points can be redeemed for tickets, merchandise and refreshments.

    "I believe that we are the first concert promoter or music venue to build such a program. I'm positive that anything out there is not this comprehensive. The LoyaltyMatch team had quite a challenge because of the many elements that we wanted woven into the system, starting with ticketing and going through the entire concert experience, including social media and point of sale transactions for both food & beverage and merchandise," said Donna Westmoreland, chief operating officer of the 9:30 Club and its parent company I.M.P. "The result speaks for itself. LoyaltyMatch definitely stepped up." she added.

    To provide the features that the 9:30 Club wanted, LoyaltyMatch had to integrate into its OnDemand platform the point-of-sale transactions for food and beverage from two POS vendors, social media including Twitter and Facebook interactions and mobile check ins at the club using a mobile app built by LoyaltyMatch. In addition the program was linked with the web-based ticketing company TicketFly (Ticketfly.com) making LoyaltyMatch the first loyalty program platform to be integrated with a ticketing company. In addition, the 9:30 Club ecommerce site has been connected with the system.

    While the 9:30 Club is already the most attended club of its size in the world, the music fans that made it #1 will reap the benefits of their loyalty with the new "Friends with Benefits" program.

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