8 Movies You Should NEVER Watch on a Plane

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    There are a LOT of things that I don’t particularly enjoy about having to take a flight. I don’t like being ordered to arrive at the airport ridiculously early, I don’t like being charged an expensive premium for the privilege of taking luggage (god forbid, right?), I don’t like being crammed into a small seat for hours on end, and I don’t even like the complimentary food and beverage options – that’s if they are even complimentary. Seriously, I could go on for hours.

    The list of things that I DO like about flying is significantly shorter, but what easily tops the list is the feeling I get settling into a long haul flight with either my personal electronic device or (if I’m lucky) the airline’s own entertainment unit stored in the seat in front’s headrest, and tucking into a nice juicy movie. There’s something comforting and intimate about plugging my headphones in and hitting play, that no amount of baby crying or seat kicking action can upset me. That being said, there are some movies no matter how much you love them or how desperate you’ve been to see them, that are just not suitable for viewing at 35,000ft. Whether it’s a scene involving a plane hijacking, a crash, or just your average ‘killer snakes running loose in the cabin’ type situation, you just don’t want to remind yourself (or your unsuspecting fellow passengers) of any perilous flight possibilities (as unlikely as they might seem).

    With that in mind we’ve done the hard work for you and pulled together a list of films that we would advise it’s best to avoid during air travel. Having made that statement, no doubt we’ve just gone and boosted DVD sales for all the following titles…!

    Read More: http://screeninvasion.com/2012/10/8-movies-you-should-never-watch-on-a-plane/#.UJGkg2fmXN4
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    The movie "the grey" has a bad airplane scene in it as well as those listed.
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    I thought "Air Force One" would have been on the list.

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