8 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Travelling Abroad With Your Phone, Tablet, Or Laptop

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    f you’re about to go international with your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop there are a few things you should know before you go. You might need extra peripheral devices and plugs, entertainment and maps pre-downloaded, a new SIM card for data, and to prepare for a few important security scenarios.
    Wherever you go and whatever your trip will involve, these tips will prepare you for things as best as possible. The last thing you need is to lose a smartphone full of data with no way of protecting yourself! Here’s what you need to know.

    Work Out What International Plugs You’ll Need

    Since the standard electrical socket type is different wherever you go in the world, it’s handy to have the right plugs for the places you’re going. There are useful websites you can use to find out which type of socket to expect though, like PlugsMap. Also, remember to pack your USB charger and car charger into your cabin bag as you can sometimes find places to charge devices on the plane or in airports.

    Ensure You Don’t Use Expensive Wireless Data Plans

    When you’re travelling internationally it’s worth noting that your regular data plan will probably cost you a fortune. Turn 3G off, disable notifications and push services, then do not touch it even for a minute unless you know you’ve got a good deal. Most people are horrified at how expensive international data costs are.
    If you’re travelling through lots of different countries, you might consider getting an international data SIM. If you’ll spend most of your time in one country, it might be better value to get a data SIM for that one country or rely on a local hotspot network. Ask your current provider if they have any preferred partners in the country you’re heading to as you could get a better rate. Whatever you do, hunt around for the best deals before you choose your method.

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    magic jack is a must for me.
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    My phone goes in airplane mode when I board the plane and doesn't come off it until I touch down on US soil again. I just use wifi. Email, no calls or texts is how I communicate when away. (I'm on vacation I don't want to deal with issues here. :)

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