7h layover in Hanoi

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by mrsnarbonne, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Hi, my 4yo son & I are flying to Sydney on points (yay!) for Christmas but have a 7h layover at the Hanoi airport en route (arriving 10a, leaving 5p). We have a visa to enter Vietnam. Is there enough time to go into the city for lunch?

    We don't need to see a bunch of sights - a park so my son can run off energy/I can people watch is fine. I understand West Lake Park is in the northern part of the city & thus easier to get to by taxi - any Vietnamese restaurant recommendations there, or other parks/kid-friendly open areas relatively easy to access from the airport? (I've heard traffic is horrendous.) The official who processed my visa at the embassy was rather discouraging, but I'd prefer not to spend the whole 7 hours in the airport.

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